• Member of Indian Council for World Affairs (ICWA) delegation visit to Myanmar March 3-9, 2013
  • Presentation on “India-Myanmar Relations: Economic and Technical Cooperation,” at the international conference on “Change in Myanmar: Impact on India-Myanmar Relations,” Yangon (Myanmar), March 06 2013.
  • Presentation on “Outsider Perspectives,” at MISIS-FES Workshop, “Achievements and Limitations in realizing the ASEAN Community in 2015,” 6th – 7th April 2011, Sedona Hotel, Yangon
  • Participated in Track Two Workshop on “Myanmar´s Contribution to building ASEAN Community ,” Organised by Myanmar Institute of Strategic and International Studies and Federich Ebert Stiftung, 2-4 February 2009, Savoy Hotel, Yangon
  • Consulting and Training:Assisted Prof. David Brubaker in Organizational and Leadership Development Training, Hope International Development Agency, Yangon, Myanmar, August 13 – 17, 2007

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