Terrorists, too, could use deadly pathogens

From this month onwards, India will be the Chair of the Counter-Terrorism Committee of the UNSC for the year 2022. Assuming the Chair, the Indian Permanent Representative at the UNSC, Ambassador T S Tirumurti, called on the international community to refrain from adopting a ‘my terrorist’ versus ‘your terrorist’ approach and combat the misuse of emerging technologies for terrorism.

The Indian representative’s unambiguous statements are understandable, given the fragility in the international system. For almost two years, the world has been reeling under the impact of Covid-19 and the resilience of many nation-states/societies has been tested. The economic, political and security challenges spawned by the pandemic have compounded the challenges.

In the midst of the pandemic, the world is witnessing an incipient great power competition and territorial contestations. Further, many established democracies in the West are looking inwards to bridge domestic political divides. Across various countries, there is an opinion that people of ‘other’ ethnic communities are instrumental in spreading the disease.

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